MindChamps Preschool

“Waffles and ice-cream, Milo Dinosaur and Kaya toast, tennis and swimming pools, hide and seek. All elements of childhood are deeply cherished but nothing better to peak the learning interest of a child than an environment of pristine natural wonder, surrounded within Singapore’s Bukit Timah Nature! Fostering a Champion mindset of continuous learning is their golden key to future success, and it is also the ethereal cord that tugs at my heartstrings when I see my preschoolers reach their milestones. 


At MindChamps Preschool @ Temasek Club, our teachers and I strive to build a happy and nurturing environment for your child to learn and exercise their out of the box creativity.  As part of our extensive curriculum, MindChamp’s Music (MCM) will also bring alive Dr Laurence Scripp’s integrated music teaching method, giving your child the opportunity to experience and benefit from his unique 21st century approach. Encapsulating the meeting of the East and the West – combining academic rigour with creative thinking.  For me, I have experienced this first hand with my own children, Cordelia and Abigail having grown up strong and confident under the MindChamps’ family and transitioning seamlessly into life in their local primary school. 


Each child is uniquely gifted with their own talents and strengths, and together we will create the best environment for your Champs so that they grow up with love in their hearts, knowledge in their minds, and confidence in their strides to tackle any challenges they may face on the journey to be the leaders of tomorrow!”

June Sun

Centre Director
MindChamps Preschool @ Temasek Club



7am to 7pm


For more information, please email to sg.pstemasek@mindchamps.org 

or call 6926 8702 / 8828 2017.